Methodology-Kamal Public School,west delhi, D-Block, Vikaspuri.

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Teaching Style (Methodology)

Methodology of teaching is strictly in coherence with CCE so introduced in the school from classes I to X.

English and Hindi  

  •  Emphasis on adequate and appropriate grammatical exercises is given.
  •  Thorough explanation of the lesson is given followed by creative writing and self–          written answers.
  • Exercises are taken up, that are varied and interesting.
  • All language teachers use smart class adequately.


  • Important introductory notes, formulae and examples are mentioned in the notebooks.
  • Important parts of each exercise having all types of questions are solved in the class. 
  • Adequate & stimulating assignments are given. Mental Maths and Integrated exercises are also taken up in the classes, especially in Primary classes.
  •  Lab activities are given taken up seriously in the scrap file prescribed by the school especially in classes 6-10.
  • Teachers (classes 6-10) make use of the Maths Lab.

EVS/Science/Social Studies    

  • Related activities or experiments in each topic are taken up in the class or science lab by getting the apparatus from the lab.
  •  Students are taken to the lab wherever required.
  • Map work is taken up seriously.
  • Relevant diagrams are drawn neatly in the notebook.
  • Activities are taken up regularly as a part of the lesson, exercises at the back of the lesson and additional application –based questions are also taken up.

Note: NCERT books are thoroughly studied and CBSE pattern is strictly adhered to in the higher classes .Regular assignments are given to the students and they are checked thoroughly keeping in mind the previous year’s CBSE papers. CCE pattern is religiously followed in classes 6-10.

Teaching Method

  • Lecture cum demonstration method (wherever possible) is followed in class. Classes are interactive.
  • Lessons are creatively planned well in advance.
  • Language games, experiments, discussions, quizzes, charts, teaching aids like maps, realia etc. are used for the purpose.
  • Science labs and computer labs are regularly made use of.
  • Audio Visual CDs are also used through LCD projector to make teaching more effective.
  • Adequate usage of smart class & SAS is taken up in the class.


“At K.P.S, we believe in Multi-sensory approach to Holistic Learning & Education at large”.