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  • 12/01/2020

    "Talk to yourself once in a day, otherwise you may miss meeting an intelligent person in this world."

    National Youth Day 2020, Vivekananda Jayanti

    02/01/2020 This day is celebrated to honour the contributions made by Guru Gobind Singh Ji to Sikhism. The Dasam Granth was composed by him. He also declared the Guru Granth Sahib as the holy scripture of Sikhism and contributed to the holy book in the Damdama Sahib near Bhatinda. According to popular beliefs, Guru Gobind Singh Ji faced the Mughals several times in order to protect the Khalsa Panth......KPS TEAM wishes everyone a happy gurupurab#

    09/01/2020 Our young Kapsians Shrishti Mishra and Tapish Sapra from class X participated in the National Level Quiz Competition on the topic "Constitution" conducted by Delhi Doordarshan at their venue. Our students got a golden opportunity to interact and learn from the delegates and students from all over the country. KPS cherishes this moment as our students gained the exposure to enrich their learning, collaborate with other people and develop their capabilities for becoming the young representatives of our school.

    09/01/2020 To ensure the role of multimedia in teaching, KPS organised a workshop which was conducted by Mr. Shiv Shankar, National Head of Training and Development. It was an entirely interactive session where teachers gained the tips and knowledge of how to incorporate multimedia in the teaching and learning process to keep the students engaged during the classroom teaching. He even guided the teachers with the various other benefits of multimedia for the work beyond teaching also.

    08/01/2020 In today's time, every where we come across is STRESS,even while doing the minutest of thing. With growing age,more stressful we feel. It is not feasible for everyone to take a break and think about one’s health. Thinking about the same and to look after their staff, KPS has conducted the "Health Check up" for their staff members.

    07/01/2020 In today's time, every where we come across stress,even while doing the minutest of thing. With growing age,more stressful we feel. To lessen the burden of teachers in school and outside it, Kamal Public School has organised a workshop on 6th of January,2020 on the topic "Stress Management" for the teachers. The resource person was Ms. Manisha Jethani who is a certified psychologist. She gave various stress management tips to maintain a healthy life. She emphasised upon the relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga which are key to happy and content life.

    27/12/2019 No human values or belief can develop out of a vacuum but it grows out of experience and knowledge. Literature aims to fulfil that vacuum by providing its readers with experience of different values, belief and meanings throughout history. With celebration of "Literary Fest" we wish to make our students aware about varying forms of Literature. A quiz was conducted in the school. Varied rounds were there and questions were asked from the KAPSIANS. It had helped the students not only to answer the questions but helps them to have fun as well in gaining knowledge.

    26/12/2019 The students of class VI enthusiastically participated in the "Preamble Writing" activity wherein they learnt the framework of our Indian Constitution. The motto was to sensitise the students about the grand and noble vision of our constitution. The students also spoke about the reflections of the dreams and aspirations of the founding father of the constitution, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

    24/01/2020 Today the students of Kamal public school witnessed the live streaming of the interaction, of our Honorable Cheif Minister (Delhi), Mr.Arvind Kejriwal with the students of different schools. The topic of this interaction was "sexual voilence against women". The students were sensitised on this topic and boys took a pledge to respect women, protect all girls and be a responsible adult citizens in future. The girl students were advised to talk to their brothers and other male members of their family, about this sensitive topic. Hence the live streaming came out to be very effective, as the future of our country lies in the hand of these students.

    24/12/2019 The Pre-School and Pre-Primary kids celebrated Christmas with great fervour and ebullience. Dressed as fairies and Santa, singing and dancing to the tune of Jingle Bells and We wish you a Merry Christmas filled the air with festivity. Santa made a great entry and distributed gifts among children. The school wore a festive look with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, snowman, gifts, bells and streamers. A Christmas party was also organised for the tiny-tots. Honourable Chairman Dr.R.K.Tandon and Respected Principal joined in the Christmas bash by cutting the cake. It was a family celebration complete with warmth and joy.


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