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Workshops & Seminars

Faculty Development Program

The workshops and FDP’s focus on mastering one’s own thoughts and feelings, improve various aspects of personal and professional life, goal setting and how to sensitize kids. The agenda of the workshops and faculty development programmes held at KPS is to bring the maximum output from the students and teachers by enhancing their knowledge.

March - 2019

Workshop on inclusive education

The quality education is only complete when it meets the needs of every child”.

KPS organised a workshop for teachers, conducted by the resource person Ms.Mamta Gupta en eminent psychologist & a guidance counsellor.. During the workshop, the participants learned how to assess the children with learning problem, behavior modification, how to make teaching learning material for special needs children, different ways to help children with learning problem.CBSE perspective was also kept & discussed. Respect and understanding grows when children with diverse abilities play, learn and socialize together. It also helps in developing the inclusive society when education is more inclusive


Time Management Workshop

 To teach the skill of Time Management a workshop was organized by the for the teachers to enable them to use their limited time judiciously. The session conducted by Dr. Asher R. Jesudoss will surely help the teachers to get more things done in less time.

Stress Management

Schools and teachers think about the well-being of their pupils. We at Kamal Public School Vikaspuri consider it a duty of taking care of our students. It is vital that teachers manage their own well-being to manage the students. Hence, to teach the teachers how to manage stress effectively – a workshop was conducted on June 29, 2018 Friday in the school premises. Mr. A. D Bhatt with his vast experience and the shared anecdotes gave an insight to all the teachers on the topic and made them capable enough to manage stress in a positive way.

Class Management

In an effective classroom students should not only know what they are doing, they should know why and how. Discipline often comes to mind at the mention of classroom management, but the crucial component of teaching is much more. Classroom management creates a set of expectations used in an organized classroom environment. It includes routines, rules and consequences. Effective classroom management paves the way for the teacher to engage the students in learning. In order to address the crucial topic, a workshop for the teachers of Kamal Public School Vikaspuri was held in the school premises on June 28th,2018 Thursday .The resourse person Ms. Champa Banerjee guided the teachers with her vast experience of 27 years as a teacher and gave them tips for successful” Class Management.



The school organised a staff workshop on ‘Student Teacher Rapport’. The workshop was conducted by Miss. Monika Solanki, the resource person from the Time of India, who encouraged the audience to build a healthy rapport with the students. The mentor began the session by posing a few questions which brought up the importance of building a healthy relationship between a teacher and a student. The message was conveyed through a series of innovative activities and presentation. It left an indelible mark on everyone’s mind and was a life enriching experience for all the staff members.                                                       


TOI Workshop for Staff

In an attempt to master one's own thoughts and feelings, improve various aspects of personal and professional life with a positive attitude, a workshop was organized for the KPS staff in association with TOI group.The resource person of the day Ms. Arpita Bhattacharya who conducted the interactive workshop through various activities in an effort to bring positive output at maximum.  "It provides a platform to the teachers to master their thoughts and feelings to achieve professional goals and to enhances their personalities along with teaching skills. Such informative and enthralling workshops were conducted by various resource person from different publishing houses namely PM Publications and Oxford University Press. These workshops engrossed the KPS faculty to lead them to achieve a better professional and personal aim.

February 2017

Workshop on Cyber Safety Awareness

 A Workshop on Cyber Safety was organised by Delhi Police, about the growing menace of cyber crimes, attended by Computer Science faculty members Ms. Rekha Arora and Ms. Soni Batra in a bid to generate awareness about the Cyber Threats and the best preventive strategies to address the growing menace.                                                               


Personality Grooming Workshop

A workshop in association with Times-NIE on ‘Personality Grooming’ was conducted for the KPS faculty members in order to bring out the best of their capabilities and strengths. The resource person of the day, Ms. Vandana Tandon, began the interactive workshop with small exercises on how to groom an individual’s personality. She further addressed the audience by laying stress upon various factors that included the body language, effective communication skills, power dress up, temperament and effective use of magical words in order to groom a person for a better living. The workshop concluded with the teachers pledging to groom and shape their Personality with positive changes towards dynamic education.


Examination System & Promotion Policy


Co-Curricular Activities



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The result for all classes will be declared on 16 march, 2019.

New Session Commences from 1 April, 2019.

Excellent Board Results for Classes X and XII Session(2017-18).

In Class XII Overall highest marks(Science Stream)- Dhruv Jain (94.8%),Ankur (92.5%), Drishti (92.3%), Prabhjeet Singh (92%) and Vanshika (90%)

(Commerce Stream)- Ishika Jain (93%), Aryan Singh (92.3%), Mahesh Aggarwal & Shagufta Ali(91.8%.)

Class X Overall highhest marks:-Tanya Pokhriyal(97.2%), Aakanksha Kushwaha (96%), Akanksha (94.8%), Akhilesh Goyal(92.6%), Ishita Tanwar (91%), Rahul (90.4%) and Muskan Singh (90%).


The Science Project 'Android Controlled Wheel Chair’ made by Utkarsh of class XII has been selected to display at International level by National Innovation Foundation (NIF) India.


The School Principal  Ms. Reema Tandon is honoured with ‘Life Time Achievement Award’ for her extra ordinary contribution in the field of education by ‘National Icon Awards'.


The School Principal Ms. Reema Tandon is honoured with the 'School Leadership Award' conferred by Secretary CBSE Mr Anurag Tirpathi & Secretary NCERT Major Harsh

Shriyogi Jawas, a class VI student took part in a Taekwondo championship held in Muju, South Korea, bagged three gold and one silver medals in different competitions.

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