Fee Payments

  • A computer generated fee bill for the month will be issued to the student in the proceeding month.
  • Fee can be paid by cash/cheque/Online upto 10th of the month. After the due date fine will be charged. If fee falls in arrears for more than two months, the student name will be struck off from the school roll without any notice. The students will be permitted to sit for the examination only after all the dues have been cleared.
  • Fee collection time at the Fee Counter of the school 8.00 a.m to 12.00 noon.
  • Please mention the Name of the Student, Class/Section, Admission No. and Contact no . on the reverse side of the Cheque.
  • If a fee cheque is dishonoured, a fine of Rs.150 shall be charged in addition to the late fee(if any). Thereafter, the fee will be accepted only by Payorder.

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