Enrichment Programs

  • Workshop on Social Etiquettes

    "Good manners are just a way of showing other people that we have respect for them"
    So to inculcate this in kapsians we organized a workshop on the topic ' Social etiquettes', through which they learned how to behave appropriately and responsibly. The workshop was taken up by Mr. Ashwani Kumar Sharma ( resource person) , who spoke about the important topics like classroom behaviour, behaviour with family and friends and general mannerisms. It was a pleasure to have him with us.

  • Career Counselling

    "Build the dream, the dream will build you"
    Kamal Public Sr. Sec. School, Vikaspuri held a Career Counselling workshop for the senior students conducted by Dr. Bhavna Chadha renowned Neuro Clinical Psychologist, Founder and CEO of ‘Adhyapann’- The Skills Hub’. She mentored the students about various career options along with the procedures for Entrance Exams. The queries of the students regarding various career options were taken up and explained with clarity. Tips were given for “Stress Management” during the exam time and “Personality Development”. Along with a Career Fair where various institutions show cased the different career options available with them. The students got an opportunity to interact with the institution representatives and gathered knowledge about the same.

  • Career Fair

    "A mind troubled by doubts cannot focus on the course to victory"
    Career education, information, advice and guidance is a progressive journey for a student to develop positive attitude towards study and work. Kamal Public Sr. Sec. School organized a career fair 2019 in the school premises for the students, to provide them the insight that goes into making of a successful future. Various renowned institutions of Delhi like Trinity institute of professional studies, Career Gurukul, FITJEE etc provided career guidance in specific fields to widen the horizon for the students. The Prep talk about the upcoming board exams and making a right choice of stream for a bright future brought clarity in student’s mind. Students participated with great fervour and zeal. Overall it was a fruitful session.

  • Dengue Control Awareness

    Live streaming of "10 Hafte, 10 Baje, 10 Minutes" campaign for awareness on Dengue Control was held in the school on 1st Oct 2019.It was witnessed by students of all classes.

  • Conflict Resolution

    A Workshop on Conflict Resolution was conducted for the kapsians of Primary Wing. It was successfully taught children to act co-operatively and express themselves non-violently to ensure a safer class room environment.

  • Swachhata Mission

    Under Swachhata Mission of CBSE 'Cleanliness drive Swachh Bharat', the students of class VI and VII were shown a short film to bring about awareness of Cleanliness amongst them.

  • Workshop on Swachhta Mission

    Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity
    A workshop on effective communication was organized for the students of classV. They were shown a presentation which took them through the various aspects of good communication including the meaning and types of communication. The students showed keen interest in the session and asked questions to understand better which in itself is a key to meaningful communication.

  • Workshop on First Aid

    A workshop on "FIRST AID" was conducted for the students of class IV to make them aware of the importance of first aid. Simple first aid practices like cleaning the wound with cotton and dettol, tying a bandage etc were taught through demonstration. It proved to be an interactive session as students came up with their querries. The aim of the workshop was to apprise the students that they can deal with any emergency by providing immediate first aid.

  • Workshop on Sexual Exploitation

    A workshop on Sexual Exploitation was arranged for the students of classes XI and XII. The resource person was none other but Honorable Judge of West District Mr. V K Meena who himself took the initiative and conducted the workshop. In a very easy way, the so called taboo topic 'Sexual Exploitation' was discussed not only with the girls but the boys too. The session culminated with an interactive question answer round where Mr. Meena skilfully handled all the queries of the students. Principal Ma’am Ms Reema Tandon showed her gratefulness by gifting a token of appreciation. A workshop much required in today's time indeed.

  • Workshop - Good & Bad Touch

    "Don't learn safety by accident; learn it before something wrong happen"
    It is essential to reach the children good and bad touch. Keeping this view in mind, a workshop was conducted for the classes LKG – V on the theme’ Good and bad touch’. An inspirational movie including the message how to recognise the bad touch and raise voice against it was shown to the students. A Motivational lecture on the theme ‘MY BODY SAFETY RULES’ was delivered to make the children aware about sexual abuse and its preventions. Altogether it was a contagious effort to prevent the evil prevailing in the society.

  • Don't stress. Do Your Best. Forgot the Rest

    A workshop on Socio-emotional stress management was conducted for the primary wing students. It is well known that when exams come knocking at the door, students tend to take up a lot of stress. So, the causes, effects and resilience from stress were discussed with the aid of a Power-Point presentations. The workshop had a positive result as the students left better equipped to tackle their stress effectively.

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