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  • 24/07/2020

    'Mathematics may not teach us to add love or subtract hate, but it give us hope that every problem has a solution.'
    Playing Mathematical games encourages strategic thinking, problem solving and develops fluency. Keeping this in mind, the students of Grade 5 participated in an activity on Lattice Multiplication where they studied this concept through playing on self made mathematical boardgames. They not only had fun but also put their best foot forward in making it super creative using colourful pens and sheets!

  • 03/08/2020 It's a day to thank those friends who are an important part of our lives. So, on this Friendship Day, the young kapsians celebrated their bond and friendship by making beautiful cards with touching messages and expressing their fondness for their dear friends through videos... They emphasised the significance of this day and explained how even our parents and teachers can be our best friends.

    01/08/2020 The Management of Kamal Public School wishes you all a very Happy EID.....Have a blessed, happy, fun-filled, socially-distant Eid

    19/07/2020 Students of grade VII, performed "PATTERN WITH FRACTIONS" Activity. They made beautiful designs using the concept of fractions.

    23/07/2020 The students of GRADE IV were taught to make a small DIORAMA OF NORTHERN HIMALAYAS  through an online session with the usage of best available materials at home. They made a model of the three ranges of the Northern Mountains with the help of clay and wheat dough. Students enthusiastically participated in the activity. They also presented information they had gathered on the topic, wearing the traditional dresses of the states of the Northern Mountains. Through this activity one could see how learning through various fun and creative ways can help to make concepts clear.

    28/07/2020 We  feel proud to share with you the remarkable percentile of Kapsians in class Xth and XIIth Board Exams. We would also take this opportunity to congratulate the students for their commendable performance and extend warm wishes for their bright future.

    29/07/2020 International Tiger Day is being celebrated worldwide on 29 July 2020. This day is also celebrated as Awareness Day. Due to poaching and destruction of forests in various countries, the number of tigers has dropped significantly.

    As we all are aware that Matras are the foundation of learning Hindi language. GRADE I of Kamal Public School laid the first step in Hindi language foundation by teaching matras to the kids in form of an online activity. Children showcased the activity in a very innovative way and displayed remarkable level of understanding. They displayed real objects with badi eee ki matra to improve their verbal, interpersonal and virtual intelligence.
    Happy Classroom Enthusiastic Children..Learning is fun Learning accomplished.

    22/07/2020 A science activity was conducted for the students of GRADE III to teach the topic - LAYERS OF THE SOIL. Different types of biscuits, muffins ,cakes,pulses,jelly and other edible ingredients were used by students to show the different layers of soil .Students enjoyed this activity thoroughly and were able to revise the concept in a fun filled way.

    21/07/2020 As part of their Maths Activity, the students of GRADE 2 created an Addition Machine to solve sums in a very interesting and creative manner. It helped them add numbers easily. Maths is less about numbers and equations, and more about understanding. This activity simplified the concept and made maths even more enjoyable for the young learners

    20/07/2020 The li'l Kapsians of GRADE 1 participated in a Mask Making activity. It was an English Activity on the topic Genders. Students enjoyed wearing their beautiful masks and developing their characters accordingly. This activity was organised to explore and encourage creativity in students. It offered the students a platform to show their creative as well as speaking skills


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